Inserts These triangular shaped insert converts steel “V” dies into non-marring,

versatile bottom dies.  Under pressure from a punch, the urethane takes the shape of a variety of punch tips and

 in the process produces a variety of scratch free, accurate bends.  Stocked in K-950A (other durometers available)

in 1 foot increments to 4 foot maximum lengths. Simply position the correct sized urethane insert in 1” or 2” steel

“V die, using lengths that allow 2” to extend beyond the end of the part to be formed.   For maximum life, do not

penetrate any further than is needed to produce the desired bend.  Penetrating to a depth of more than 30% of the

height of the Insert can significantly reduce its effective life. 


Note: Spring back problems are reduced and it allows you to form different material thickness without having to change dies.



                       V-BEND TOOLS

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